CitySignals is a project that evolved from modest, free-form jams in living rooms into a series of experimental sound-video-public performances.

Initiated by Archana Prasad and Neurotesque, and joined by My Left-handed Cousin and Nikhil Narendra, we are a group of new media artists who are interested in experimental souic-video performance art interventions in public spaces in Bangalore, India. This project started in January 2009 and is on-going.

It is an urban art experiment where the artists, the audience and the space itself interact in real time with each other using an array of new media technologies. The artists intervene in these hidden and neglected spaces, to create and project soundscapes and videoscapes using a rich library of samples - recorded, hacked and produced live, that speak of a modern, contemporary and changing India.

It is an open platform where movement artists, visual artist, vocalists, musicians and the audience can interact in real time with the performers and the performance.

The project has a core documentary crew - Saurabh, Apurva and Mithun who follow the work-process and interventions closely. They use their cameras to catch the vibe and the thoughts of the audience and performers and present it on this site as an episodic blog.


Jaaga from Saurabh Agarwal on Vimeo.
* This film was showcased at "What Makes India Urban" at the Aedes Gallery, Berlin. It was part of the Asia-Pacific Week festival and ran from October 15th to November 26th, 2009.

Videography: Saurabh and Mithun Jayaram

At the Shivajinagar Terminal Sub-walkway | 06.07.09 | Photos - Apurva Mathad
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