The production has four core components to it - the soundscape, the visualscape, the landscape and the documentation.

Soundscape: This is created by sound-artists who engage in spontaneous play with original sounds samples, live inputs and found samples. These sounds are synthesized live and provide the base audio stimulus to live musicians.

Visualscape: with a rich library of original footage video loops are projected and performed live. Video samples that are created from live inputs and hacked, sound footage are projected and interact with sound-artists and musicians in real-time.

Landscape: The space for our interactions is key to the overall project. Ideally, the content of the sound and video samples will drive the choice of the performance space. For example, it would make for and interesting experiment to juxtapose nature sounds and videos in a factory environment. This would create a new interaction between the performers, their interpretation of the unique quality of this space and thus their creative expression of it. Potential spaces could include old, historical buildings, underground subwaus, transport hubs, construction sites, pubs, terraces, private homes, malls or factories. Artists will interact with the space and the people who inhabit them through performance and new media technologies.

Documentation: Our process of documentation will be through blog-posts on the progress and process of this project. The film directors on board will often interview the audience, the performers during public interventions apart from trying to capture the overall vibe of the show. They will also capture on camera the process of ideating and producing in all candor prior to the interventions. These snippets will be presented in short episodic blog posts at this website for the interested viewer and will in themselves be an artwork.

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