CitySignals in Poetry Across Borders | 13.12.09

CitySignals picks up a loose thread connecting three cities through poetry and plays along. Poetry Across Borders is a project initiated by Archana Prasad, Hoa Pham & Lady Gaby. It connects their hometowns - Bangalore, Melbourne & Berlin through live web-casts of poetry performances happening at each city. The poets are shared and the audience are shared across the world via internet video.

CitySignals at Jaaga | 15.09.09

Now standing tall and fully constructed CitySignals used the newly created space at Jaaga - Urban Art-Architecture Project to have a open to the streets performance. We were shut down by the cops within 15 minutes of starting up and ended up having a very cosy private jam indoors after that to a small and interested audience of about 20-30 people.

CitySignals at Jaaga | 02.08.09 - 08.08.09

CitySignals did a series of docu-performances at Jaaga - Urban Art-Architecture Project. The basic idea of Jaaga is to leverage empty land in the middle of the city to construct a temporary structure to be used for art, social and IT activities. CitySignals choose to be at this experiment where we performed every evening (weather permitting) gathering and using samples from the astonished neighbourhood.

CitySignals at Shivajinagar Underground | 06.07.09

We were a larger crew this time around. My Left-handed Cousin, Nikhil, Zack and I performed our sonic-video intervention piece in the underground sub-walkway. Dina and Markus had their little scanner-recorder sample collection booth on top, at the entrance to the underground. Mithun, Saurabh and Apurva were pretty much everywhere with cameras, taking interviews and portraits with the accidental, and super-participatory audience.

Photos: Apurva Mathad

CitySignals at Shivajinagar | 27.01.09

Rahul Giri, Ricard Widerberg and I went off to explore the underground life of Bangalore - literally! We have started what I hope will be a continuing series of sonic-video interventions across the citys' subways and underground spaces…It was a super great experiment and I think some of us will continue this project and see where it goes for sure :)

Photos: Liz

This intervention was part of the Social Art in the Public Realm Workshop that happened in the city in the last week of January 2009.

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